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Varlion Maxima Prisma Airflow Padel Racket

Varlion Maxima Prisma Airflow Padel Racket

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Short Description

The all new Maxima Prisma now with Airflow technology. With this model of Padel Racket Varlion have kept all that we have grown to love about the Maxima Prisma such as the hyperhard EVA core and high quality carbon fiber face and thereafter introduced  the well received airflow technology. This has resulted in a racket that has incredible feel and control without sacrificing on power.

All the Maxima Summum Prisma Padel Rackets are designed and hand made in Spain at the Varlion factory. So if you have one of these Varlion rackets and it contains their authentic product tag and barcode you know you are holding the highest quality EU produced piece of Padel Equipment money can buy.

The Maxima Prisma Airflow which features what Varlion have called a Hyperhard EVA core, this core is perfect for the South African climate and offer great response and rebound, giving a great balanced control when contacting the Padel Ball in the hotter months of the year. In addition this racket boasts a patented Prisma Frame made from 12K carbon fiber in a rhomboid shape and manufactured in a prism shape which has been tested in a wind tunnel and has resulted in a further 10% less wind resistance in comparison the a hexagon shaped frame. This allows for high speed through the ball and increased control.

But that's not all, this racket also features a rough texture face, Primsa bumper and Handlesafety Technology which by fastening the racket rope through two walls of the handle and then looping in the center has made it much safer for the players. On top of this we also have the wings diffuser design, which is modelled after the silhouette of an airplane wing, to which Varlion have also added a turbulator, used in the wings of airplanes and the spoilers of F1 cars to obtain a better control of air flow. The result is a huge improvement in the speed, precision and control of the air passage compared to the previous Diffusers. As an added bonus these rackets also come with a handy racket sleeve, used to protect your racket from the heat and elements and making it easier to transport and carry around with you.

Besides the above wonderful features, lets not forget the great looks too, in deep gold and black with an almost wood like finish these rackets looks amazing so if you are a player looking to get to the top of their game and wanting to do so in style then the all new Varlion Maxima Prisma Airflow S Padel Racket should be at the top of your wishlist.


⚡ Player Level: Advanced
⚡ Hyperhard EVA core
⚡ Prisma Frame
⚡ Airflow Technology
⚡ Handlesafety Technology

Technical Specifications

✅ Head Size: Standard
✅ Shape: Teardrop
✅ Weight: 350g-370g
✅ Balance: Medium/High

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