Collection: Bullpadel

Bullpadel was born in 1995 by the union of several Argentinian and Spanish professionals, although everything was set up in Spain. 10 years after its creation, in 2005, the Aguirre y Cía SA group bought the brand. They changed the logo and Bullpadel has never looked back and the game its self would never be the same again.

Bullpadel is now one of the leading Padel Racket suppliers globally. In eddition to this they also supply some of the top players with the best in Padel Equipment, Padel Balls and Apparel. And when we say the best players we mean it! They have signed up so many exceptional palyers in the World Padel Tour, including Iciar Montes and Gaby Reca.

Bullpadel stands for high-performance padel rackets and fashionable functionality in clothing and equipment, this is there vision and its executed well as they are a continuous driver of innovation in a continuesly growing sport.