Collection: Varlion

Varlion was born in 1993, in Argentina. The following year the first factory was built and by 1995 the first Varlion Padel Rackets were being manufactured in Buenos Aires. These rackets were designed by the brand's founder, Felix Regalia on graph paper by hand with rulers, protractors and a pencil. Since then Varlion have evolved to become one of the Padel Powerhouses and have even branched into Motorsports and Polo giving the brand both technical experience and a unique stylish aesthetic which is carried through there products and made them popular even outside of the sports world. The Padel Rackets we see today being manufactured by Varlion have incorporated some of this experience and technology such as aerodynamics. So if you are looking for a premium brand with products manufactured in Europe then look no further then the Varlion Padel products.