Collection: NOX

With a slogan like "Nox Makes You Better" it's no wonder that this brand has become one of the most loved in the game of Padel. Founded in 2009  by the Ballve brothers, Nox began to make its mark quickly by collaborating with the world's top players and is now one of the most famous brands globally. Based in Barcelona JJ Ballve Sports, the Spanish manufacturers of Nox products,  have not become this revered without producing an excellent product, they produce some of the worlds highest quality Padel Rackets and Padel Accessories for not only the world’s top WPT players but players of all skill levels. With a promise of consistency in each racket and the ability to retain full power after long term use, it is this durability and consistency that makes the Nox products some of our personal favorites too. For players that are looking for tried and tested products with consistent performance and longevity, look no further than Nox.