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Varlion Bourne Carbon Ti Padel Racket

Varlion Bourne Carbon Ti Padel Racket

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Short Description

The Bourne Carbon Ti by Varlion was born from its predecessors the diamond shaped Canon and teardrop shaped Avant giving it its a teardrop shape that has been made with maximum power in mind. This Padel Racket has a medium-high balance giving it the extra weight towards the top of the racket needed to smash that Padel Ball right out of the court! 

All Varlion Padel Rackets are designed in Spain and manufactured at a Varlion factory. So if you have one of these Varlion rackets and it contains their authentic product tag and barcode you know you are holding the highest in quality EU Padel Equipment.

The core of this racket has been made of 38mm EVA Hypersoft rubber giving it the incredible level of control it boasts and great feel we have come to love from Varlion Padel Rackets. Furthermore the core is laminated with 3 layers of plain fiberglass fabric, impregnated with Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin and covered by a thin layer of titanium dioxide giving this racket maximum elasticity, resistance and a soft touch. This is then accented with adapted and gradual holes system by which they gradually decrease the hole sizes from 10mm in diameter at the center, for a larger sweet spot to13mm around the outside which allows for an adaptation to the frame and increased rigidity and resistance.

The racket is then finished with Varlion's Slice technology which is as the name suggests a rough textured finish that has curved lines across the face giving you the ability to apply lots of spin in your shots.

As if all that wasn't enough, Varlion have managed to top it all off with their Handlesafety Technology which by fastening the racket rope through two walls of the handle and then looping in the center has made it much safer for the all players wishing to take their game to the next level.  

With a black carbon looking finish and orange accents we think these rackets looks amazing. In edition to your great looking racket you also get a quality black racket cover. so what are you waiting for, get your new Varlion Bourne Carbon Ti Padel Racket and get down to your nearest court.


⚡ Player Level: Medium/Advanced
⚡ Hexagon Technology
⚡ Var-Flex Heart
⚡ Hypersoft
⚡ Handlesafety Technology

Technical Specifications

✅ Head Size: Standard
✅ Shape: Teardrop
✅ Weight: 350g-370g
✅ Balance: Medium/High

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