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Siux Fenix 2 Padel Racket

Siux Fenix 2 Padel Racket

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Short Description

The Fenix 2 is yet another great model of the Siux Padel Racket family wielded by a high caliber player named Javi Ruiz. With a unique 1k carbon face making this racket not only suitable to WPT Pros but Intermediate Padel Players too. Made in combination with the ever popular 5-ply black EVA soft core gives that racket loads of power from the back of the court while not sacrificing on control.

Siux being commonly know as the players favourite Padel brand it was almost a given that these Padel Rackets are made to the highest of standards with the absolute best quality materials. Hand made and perfected for the most demanding of players of any level, from beginner to intermediate and professional Padel players alike Siux Padel will always be one of our top picks. 

Made with a 5-ply soft black EVA core, this racket has an incredible control and is able to absorb any of your opponent's attacking shots while being able to generate the power you need for your own shots through the Padel Ball. The core is then wrapped in the unique 1k carbon fiber which gives the player the ability to absorb the opponents attacks as well as generate extra power from the back of the court in combination with the soft core. These two features mean this racket has a nice soft feel and lower vibrations through the body. This is all then surrounded by a carbon twin tubular frame design, which we have come to love, which not only increases the resistance and durability in the racket but gives the player an incredible level of consistency in each shot they play, allowing you to be confident that every time you apply pressure to the ball it will react the way you expect it to.

Furthermore Siux have incorporated there anti-vibration system in the frame design of the racket as well as by partnering up with ShockOut, our favourite anti shock accessories manufacturer, to include there dampeners in the original design and construction of the Padel Rackets. This is further supported by a unique heart design to the Fenix  that reduces movement in that area increasing rigidity and overall output.

But that's not all these rackets also come standard with a ShockOut Dual Pro Grip, which is a fan favourite for reducing vibrations that still make its way to the handle. The inner foam band provides greater cushioning to your standard grips and absorb vibrations from impacts and cut down on the level of vibration you feel in your hands. But more importantly it creates a spiral relief that provides an incredible grip and feel when handling the racket.

lastly, we have a shinney clear gloss finish on the surface that has been coated over the 3D relief surface finish allowing players to play more aggressive top spin shots. So if you are looking for an easy to handle high quality racket to take your game to the next level then the Siux Fenix 2 Padel Racket is the one you have been looking for.


⚡ Player Level: Intermediate / Advanced
⚡ Anti Vibration System
⚡ 1K Carbon Face
⚡ ShockOut Dampeners
⚡ Black Eva Soft Core

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Teardrop
📋 Weight: 355g-375g
📋 Balance: Medium
📋 Power 10/10
📋 Control 9/10

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