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Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro Padel Racket

Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro Padel Racket

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Short Description

The Electra ST3 Pro is a hybrid shaped racket that has been developed by Siux in conjunction with one of the worlds most talented players, Franco Stupaczuk, to suit his game. This Padel Racket has a medium to hard feel coming from the combination of a 15K Textreme carbon fiber face and hard EVA core giving the racket ample control with loads of power when needed.

Siux being commonly know as the players favourite Padel brand it was almost a given that these Padel Rackets are made to the highest of standards with the absolute best quality materials. Hand made and perfected for the most demanding of players of any level, from beginner to intermediate and professional Padel players alike Siux Padel will always be one of our top picks. 

This racket has taken the Padel world by storm, not only because of Stupa's performance of late but also because of the features and specific role it plays in the line up of available rackets. Created for the versatile player, this hybrid shape boasts a hard EVA core, giving it the stiffness and control needed to take down your opponents. The core is then wrapped in the above mentioned 15k Textreme carbon fiber face giving you just the right amount of give in conjunction with the harder core for the perfect medium to hard feel through the Padel Ball. The core is then supported by a carbon twin tubular frame design made from 3k Aramida which is a hybrid fabric that is a combination between carbon fiber and aramid. This give the racket the rigidity it needs as well as enough protection from bumps, adding to the rackets longevity.

Furthermore Siux have incorporated there anti-vibration system in the frame design of the racket as well as by partnering up with ShockOut, our favourite anti shock accessories manufacturer, to include there dampeners in the original design and construction of the Padel Rackets.  But that's not all this beauty also comes standard with a ShockOut Dual Pro Grip, which features an inner foam band that provides greater cushioning to your standard grips and absorbs more vibrations from impacts. But more importantly it creates a spiral relief that provides an incredible grip and feel when handling the racket.

lastly, we have the shiny and sandy finish that looks great but also performs incredibly well, giving you all the traction you need. So if you are the versatile player that is taking their game to the highest level and needs the right weapon to do so then we suggest getting your hands on the Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro Padel Racket.


⚡ Player Level: Advanced
⚡ Anti Vibration System
⚡ 15K Textreme Carbon Face
⚡ Bright Sandy Finish
⚡ Black Eva Hard Core

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Hybrid
📋 Weight: 355g-375g
📋 Balance: Medium
📋 Power 10/10
📋 Control 9.5/10

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