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ShockOut Dual Pro Padel Racket Grip Set

ShockOut Dual Pro Padel Racket Grip Set

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The full grip system from ShockOut with an ultra shock absorbing innergrip paired with the perfect matching overgrip giving you the best in feel and vibration reduction right where it matters at the Padel Racket handle.

As we know the contact surface between the hand and the racket is the most important area for not only grip but also vibration reduction as this is the point at which the vibrations are transferred to the hand and arm. So how does this magic grip reduce vibrations you may ask, the answer is by using a dual anti shock absorption system with an inner foam band that does the bulk of the work and greatly reducing the vibration felt through the racket handle. ShockOut have also created a spiral relief system so that the grip is firmer allowing you to have a more solid contact on the Padel Ball while dominating the game. Lastly and in addition to the above features, there are drilled holes in intervals made for sweat absorption helping to alleviate sweat build up and making sure you not left with that dreaded slippery grip.

Essentially what you are left with is a grip surface that stays tacky, providing you with extreme grip throughout your game, paired with a revolutionary anti shock technology right where it matters most. 

So whether you are looking for the most incredible levels of grip or you are simply wanting to further reduce the vibrations coming through the racket handle look no further then one of the ShockOut Dual Pro Padel Racket Grip Sets in a multitude of different colours.



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Customer Reviews

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Imtiyaaz Domingo
Great fit and feel

Thickens the grip and provides good shock absorption as well as finger grooves

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