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Osaka Pro Tour Power Padel Racket

Osaka Pro Tour Power Padel Racket

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Short Description

The Pro Tour range has been developed using some of the highest quality materials Osaka have on offer. This includes using 18K triaxial carbon on the face of the Padel Racket in combination with the well loved, snap foam core. All this means you have a powerful, teardrop shaped, racket developed for advanced Padel players to perform at their peak.

Osaka World was founded with the commitment to fuse sports heritage with lifestyle. They have taken inspiration from Japanese culture and design to now produce some of the top performing Padel Equipment to date. The Osaka Padel Rackets and gear are not only top quality but also aesthetically appealing which we tend to agree with. So when it comes to Padel Balls, rackets and other Padel Accessories you know you in good company with Osaka. And the Vision Pro series is no exception. 

As mentioned above Osaka have used the 18K triaxial carbon face on this racket which is the most advanced type of carbon available today. Triaxial carbon is also a spread tow fabric but is woven in 3 directions instead of 2 like regular carbon weaves. The benefit offered by this carbon is that the stresses applied to it are spread more evenly across its surface, giving the player better control at an even better weight. The core of this racket is then constructed with the Trademarked Osaka Snap Foam, which is designed to expand the sweet spot and give you extra power. Compared to Osaka's Touch Foam, the Snap Foam is slightly lighter and more 'bouncy' to give you more trampoline effect and punch. The core is then surrounded by a double stage frame construction, which consists of two distinct stages. In the first stage, the frame is formed using a twin-tube frame moulding process which creates the stiffest, most durable frames structure to date. While in the second stage, the foam is then added into the frame and the face fabrics are applied. This double stage process has allowed Osaka to produce thinner frames with the same properties as their thicker counterparts. The width of these frames varies between 6-9mm.

But that's not all, the frame is also further protected by a beautifully designed and shaped clear TPU bumper, this bumper has a maximum depth of 2,5mm and weighs around 11 grams. Giving you added protection against impacts with a low added weight. Lastly, the face is finished with a sand surface coating which is a finishing process that has been used for over a decade, in this process resin coated sand particles are sprayed onto the surface of the rackets. These sand particles form tiny holds for the felt fibers on Padel Balls that further increase the spin applied to the ball with each contact.

So if you are an offensive player looking for a tear drop shaped racket with a higher sweet spot and balance to assist in those attacking shots in and around the net then we say the Osaka Pro Tour Power Snap Padel Racket is the perfect fit.


⚡ Player Level: Intermediate/Advanced
⚡ Osaka Snap Foam
⚡ 18K Textreme Carbon Face
⚡ Double-Stage Frame
⚡ Sand Surface Coating

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Tear Drop
📋 Weight: 360g-370g
📋 Balance: Medium
📋 Power 10/10
📋 Control 9.5/10

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