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Osaka Deshi Control Padel Racket

Osaka Deshi Control Padel Racket

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Short Description

The Osaka Deshi Control is just as the name suggests, a round shaped  Padel Racket with a low balance and large sweet sport. This makes it the perfect starting point for a beginner Padel player looking for their very own racket to take on and learn to use to its full potential. Made with the great feeling snap foam core and glass fiber face this racket not only feels great but plays with control and precision.

Osaka World was founded with the commitment to fuse sports heritage with lifestyle. They have taken inspiration from Japanese culture and design to now produce some of the top performing Padel Equipment to date. The Osaka Padel Rackets and gear are not only top quality but also aesthetically appealing which we tend to agree with. So when it comes to Padel Balls, rackets and other Padel Accessories you know you in good company with Osaka. And the Vision Pro series is no exception. 

The core of this racket is constructed with the Trademarked Osaka Snap Foam which is an excellent lightweight foam developed with to specifically further increase the size of the sweet spot, this core also allows players to achieve higher ball speeds with less effort.  This foam core has an excellent recuperation rate, meaning it quickly bounces back to its original form allowing the player to return the ball over the net with ease, especially off the sweet spot area.  The core is then wrapped in a glass fiber face which feels great in combination with the snap core and allows for a comfortable game without too much vibration. This is all then surrounded by the Osaka single stage frame construction which are produced in a single process, so the frame and face of the racket come out of the mould together in one piece. This gives an added rigidity with the width of the frames varying between 10-12mm. The width of these frames varies between 6-9mm. 

Lastly the face is finished with a sand surface coating which is a finishing process that has been used for over a decade, in this process resin coated sand particles are sprayed onto the surface of the rackets. These sand particles form tiny holds for the felt fiber's on Padel Balls that further increase the spin applied to the ball with each contact. below this finish we can see the previously mentioned iconic black and green paint work giving this already epic racket an aggressive look and feel.

So if you are starting out your journey and you are looking for a high quality, great feeling racket to assist you on your Padel journey then we suggest getting your hands on the Osaka Deshi Control Padel Racket, available in a range of colours.


⚡ Player Level: Beginner
⚡ Osaka Snap Foam
⚡ Glass Fiber Face
⚡ Single-Stage Frame
⚡ Sand Surface Coating

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Round
📋 Weight: 360g-370g
📋 Balance: Low
📋 Power 7.5/10
📋 Control 8/10

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