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Nox X-One 2023 Padel Racket

Nox X-One 2023 Padel Racket

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Short Description

The X-One is not only the ideal racket for beginners but all players looking for Nox quality at a great price. This Padel Racket incorporates some of the top performance technologies we have come to love in the high end rackets like an HR3 EVA core, carbon frame and 3K fiberglass face making it consistent, comfortable and fun.

With a slogan like "Nox Makes You Better" its no wonder this has become one of the most loved Padel brands to ever exist. And to keep to this promise all of their Padel Rackets are subjected to rigorous testing procedures performed by an independent agency called, Testea Padel, that individually test each racket against breakages of the frame and face as well as the durability of the product against fatigue. 

The core of this racket is made with the classic HR3 Eva that we have come to know and love. It is a high density EVA with an even higher memory effect allowing the core, once impacted by the Padel Ball to quickly bounce back, translating into greater power output. The core is surrounded by a 20% carbon frame giving it added rigidity and strength for well rounded racket. The core is then wrapped in a 3K fiberglass face giving the racket added flex and comfort. This translates into added power and feel through the ball. Furthermore the racket is constructed with a dynamic composite structure by using a greater amount of material from the boundary of the frame up to four centimeters inside the racket face, this helps minimise the difference in strength between the frame and the face and smooth the transition. This means that when the ball is hit with the outer areas of the racket face the possible cutting of fibers that could occur when the rubber sinks in is also minimised.

But that's not all, as an added bonus, this racket comes with a handy protective sleeve or carry bag that can keep your racket and its surface safe from scratches and offer an easy way to carry your racket to and from the courts. 

This racket appeals to a diverse group of players and offers great bang for buck as you are getting some of the great technologies and all of the incredible quality on offer for an affordable price so if you are looking to take the next step and get your very first racket then look no further then the Nox X-One 2023 Padel Racket.


⚡ Player Level: Beginner

⚡ 3K Fiberglass Face
⚡ Carbon Frame
⚡ HR3 Eva Core

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Round
📋 Weight: 360g-375g
📋 Balance: Low
📋 Power 8/10
📋 Control 8/10

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