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NOX ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Padel Racket

NOX ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Padel Racket

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Short Description

Designed for Miguel Lamperti and produced by NOX the ML10 Pro Cup is nothing short of spectacular. With the incorporation of a newly designed mold, this Padel Racket has new advantages together with some of the old favorites in technology like the HR3 Core and 3K carbon fiber face. This means you get the familiar feel of the NOX quality and performance with some added upgrades to go with it.

With a slogan like "NOX Makes You Better" its no wonder this has become one of the most loved Padel brands to ever exist. And in keeping to this promise all of the NOX Padel Rackets are subjected to rigorous testing procedures performed by an independent agency called, Testea Padel, that individually test each racket against breakages of the frame and face as well as the durability of the product against fatigue. You will find there stamp of approval on each and everyone of their rackets.

As we have touched on above, the ML10 Pro Cup has a core made from the classic HR3 high density rubber, This has the highest level of memory effect and fastest rebound of the core materials giving you good control while achieving greater power in your attacking shots. This has then been topped with the 3K carbon fiber face, made by interweaving carbon fiber yarns to create small squares, giving a higher grammage than standard fiber, which provides you with a durable finished product that feel great through the Padel Ball. This is all surrounded by the newly developed carbon fiber frame featuring the tried and tested dynamic composite structure, were more material is applied from the frame edge to four centimeters into the face, minimising the difference in hardness hardness between the frame and the face. The frame also boasts the new EOS flap technology which is charaterised by two rectangle perforations in the sides, at the heart and has helped to not only improve aerodynamics and handling but also redistribute some of the weight for increased maneuverability.

But that's not all on offer, included in the endless list of improvements and technologies is the new pulse system, which assist in reducing the vibrations transmitted to the player's hand with the insertion of lateral rubber bands that go from the base of the frame right through to the bottom of the racket. And at the bottom we have a lengthened handle for increased grip plus the NOX Custom Grip, which has been patented by Nox and certified by Testea Pádel to Increases grip by 52% and reduces vibrations that are transmitted to your hand by 29%. This is also fully customisable. Below this we have the Smartstrap®  system allowing you to easily replace your strap without removing the bottom cap. lastly, we have the rough surface finish on the face for added spin, giving you even more control of your game.

So if you are ready to channel your inner pro and want to do so with one of the best pieces of equipment available then we suggest you get your hands on the NOX ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Padel Racket.


⚡Player level: Advanced
⚡HR3 EVA Core
⚡3K Carbon Fiber Face
⚡Nox Custom Grip
⚡EOS Flap Technology

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Round
📋 Weight: 360-375 grams
📋 Balance: Low
📋 Power 9.5/10
📋 Control 9.5/10

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