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ShockOut Padel Racket Dampeners - Green

ShockOut Padel Racket Dampeners - Green

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Reduce the vibrations of your Padel Racket with these Shockout Dampeners in Green. 

Weighing less than one gram each, the dampeners reduce vibration by up to 60%. The fact that these can be inserted into any of the holes in your racket head you choose this then allows for the distribution that suits you and your game. It also allows small precise balance changed across the face as you place them where you prefer.

Its no wonder these have been endorsed by the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid as they are well made and serve there purpose well with reduced vibration when hitting the Padel Ball.

These Vibration Dampeners can be used on a wide variety of your favourite Padel Rackets and can be placed in holes between 11 and 13mm. While inserting them at the top for more power and at the bottom for added control too. 

We all know choosing the right colour is important so whether you want these green dampeners to make your competition green with jealous rag or you want to check out some of our other colours in the Padel Accessories list, the choice is yours. 



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Customer Reviews

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Toni Wagenaar
Not happy

They flew out in my first game..reinstated and again they flew out..lost most of them now..wouldn't buy again

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