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Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebrón Padel Racket

Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebrón Padel Racket

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Short Description

Babolat have thought of all players with the all new Juan Lebrón range of Padel Rackets. The Technical Vertuo is a welcomed new edition with an overall soft touch thanks to the EVA and fiberglass face combination. This means we have a racket with easy power and precision in your attacking shot.

Babolat have collaborated with Juan Lebrón and created this entire range of exclusive rackets that bear the mark of El Lobo. These rackets are made with the Technical Striker in mind having some unique features and ability to product unmatched power and extreme spin through the Padel Ball.

The racket has been made with is made with a soft touch black EVA at its core, designed to give you the feel needed to increase your confidence in your shots, especially when the opportunity to attack arises. This is also where the new Vibrasorb System technology, powered by SMAC, comes in. Made with elastomer material, seamlessly integrated into the rackets construction allowing you to not only play with more comfort but also play with more freedom knowing there is substantially reduced vibrations. We then have a full carbon fiber frame designed to give stability and the rigidity needed to support the entire structure. The racket face is then constructed with the tried and true fiberglass, designed for the ultimate in feel and comfort while not sacrificing too much on power and control.

All of this is then completed with Babolat's 3D Spin+ technology which consists of the raised patterns on the racket surface and a rough textured finish, allowing you to hit with higher levels of spin and increased levels of control. And if that's not enough, lastly this racket boasts a specifically developed Holes Pattern system with optimised distribution and sizing of the holes in each racket, optimised not only for power transmission and increased precision but also for this diamond shape.

So if you are a beginner padel player looking to push your game to new heights and you need to perfect companion to do so, we have just what you need in the Babolat Technical Vertuo Juan Lebrón Padel Racket.


⚡ Player Level: Beginner/Intermediate
⚡ EVA Core
⚡ Fiberglass Face
⚡ Smart Buttcap System
⚡ 3D+ Spin Technology

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Diamond
📋 Weight: 355 +- 10 grams
📋 Balance: High
📋 Power 9/10
📋 Control 8.5/10

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