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Adidas RX Series Light Padel Racket

Adidas RX Series Light Padel Racket

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Short Description

The RX Series Light is as the name suggests, the lighter version of its sister racket the RX Series Lime. Adidas have developed this racket for intermediate players looking for Maneuverability and control in a light but powerful package. Made with the Adidas soft performance EVA coupled with a fiber glass face this Padel Racket has all you need for a frequent player looking to build strength on the court.

All for Padel, the official licensed Adidas Padel Tennis manufacturers, have become known for producing high performance products with elegant designs for both top professionals and amateur athletes. From Padel Rackets and Padel Balls to Padel Accessories these rackets are no exception.

The core of this racket is made with the Adidas soft performance EVA which provides great ball output and comfort during your game. This feature is perfect for players who are looking for comfort and control in their game and can be identified with the black cap at the top of the handle. This core is then surrounded by fiberglass face that we have all come to enjoy with its balanced response to all types of shots and great feel through the ball. This is then all tied together with a structural reinforcement which is a fundamental technology to aid in achieving maximum power. The reinforcements on the perimeter of the racket increase rigidity and resistance to twisting of the racket face during hard impacts.

But we are not done yet, we have more technology present at the heart of the racket, providing a structural power. The power then comes from the hand to the heart that has a reinforced neck area with a large carbon fiber insert in the shape of a bridge. With it, the racket gains in resistance to large torsions. The racket also boasts their smart holes lineal technology, where the pattern is optimised and arranged in a manner where the holes are aligned and grouped in threes. This improves the consistency of the rebound and extends its life span thanks to a better distribution of force. Lastly, we have a basic 3M protector tape that acts as a bumper for protection while playing.

So if you are looking to play for long hours and gain strength on the court or you simply want a high quality and easy to maneuver racket to compliment your play style the Adidas RX Series Light Padel Racket is the one that's going to help you get the job done. 


⚡ Player Level: Intermediate/Advanced
⚡ Eva Soft Performance
⚡ Central Sweet Spot
⚡ Structural Reinforcement
⚡ Smart Holes Lineal

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Round
📋 Weight: 245-360 gr
📋 Balance: Medium
📋 Power 8.5/10
📋 Control 9.5/10

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