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Adidas Metalbone Master LTD 2023 Padel Racket

Adidas Metalbone Master LTD 2023 Padel Racket

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Short Description

Designed for the best! This is what Adidas have said about the Metalbone Master LTD 2023, this Padel Racket is an exclusive limited-edition made with the essence of Ale Galán the world's number one player. Produced in a limited capacity and never to be reproduced, make this one of the most coveted rackets with its beautiful design and custom packaging.

Metalbone has a rebellious spirit, built for the strength of those who believe so deeply in their dreams that they become a reality. Because success is not achieved by chance, its a consequence. Play on another level! This is the message from all for Padel, the official licensed Adidas Padel Tennis manufacturers, have become known for producing high performance products with elegant designs for both top professionals and amateur athletes. From Padel Rackets and Padel Balls to Padel Accessories.

The core of this racket is made with the Adidas soft performance EVA which provides great ball output and comfort during your game. This feature is perfect for players who are looking for comfort and control in their game and can be identified with the black cap at the top of the handle. The core is then supported by carbon frame packed with new technology. exclusive to the Metalbone range. The racket frame while made of carbon boasts the Adidas Octagonal Structure technology, consisting of 8 edges which helps keep the racket more rigid, aiding in more consistent shot making and supporting the most aggressive of players.  

But we are not done yet, the surface of these rackets are also loaded with the best on offer. Made of 2 to 1 aluminised carbon, the most rigid high power surface Adidas produce thus generating more speed in aggressive shots with its lower level of flexibility allowing the rubber core to return to its original form faster. This is then topped with the Spin Blade Mould system which is a rough 3D relief inserted into the racquet mould, that provides greater grip on the ball and helps you to generate more spin in your shots. If that's not enough, Adidas have also incorporated their Smart Holes Curve feature into this racket to round things off and help you take your game to the next level. And lets not forget the all important Weight and Balance System which allows you to add or remove up to 12 grams and modify the balance of the racket to your preference for more power or control.

If you are looking to rise to the occasion and dominate the match like the best players in our sport. Or you are simply wanting to experience the punch of a racket used by one of the most powerful arms and the subtlety of one of the finest hands on the international circuit The Metalbone Master LTD 2023 is designed for you.


⚡ Player Level: Advanced
⚡ Eva Soft Performance
⚡ 2 to 1 Aluminised Carbon
⚡ Octagonal Structure
⚡ Weight & Balance System

Technical Specifications

✅ Head Size: Oversize
✅ Shape: Diamond
✅ Weight: 345-360 (0+12)
✅ Balance: High

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