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Adidas Cross IT Pro Padel Racket - Limited Edition

Adidas Cross IT Pro Padel Racket - Limited Edition

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Short Description

Arguably one of the most beautiful pieces we have available in our store the limited edition Cross It Pro is in another league. Adidas have gone all out with the development of this emerald green Padel Racket making sure it looks as special as it is. Not only does this racket look truly unique but it performs at a level that is unrivalled thanks to the use of the new dynamic air flow heart, 24k aluminised carbon face and Adidas soft energy core.

All for Padel, the official licensed Adidas Padel Tennis manufacturers, have become known for producing high performance products with elegant designs for both top professionals and amateur athletes. From Padel Rackets and Padel Balls to Padel Accessories these rackets are no exception.

First off we just can't ignore the incredible emerald green design used as a finish for this racket. It looks so good with the carbon fiber strands that come through just enough to add some interesting texture to the overall look and feel. This then brings us to the face which has been made with a 24k aluminised carbon face providing a stiffer, more durable surface with high power in your attacking shots and more control in your defensive shots. What more is there to love from the face of a racket? Underneath all this we have the Adidas Soft Energy EVA, which is a medium density EVA rubber that gives you a great feel on the ball without sacrificing on power and ball output. All of this also adds to the lightness of the racket with the tight carbon weave, aluminum coating and softer core structure. This is then all tied together with a structural reinforcement which is a fundamental technology to aid in achieving maximum power. The reinforcements on the perimeter of the racket increase rigidity and resistance to twisting of the racket face during hard impacts.

We are far from done, however, we have to dive into the brand new heart design as mentioned above. Made with what Adidas call DAF (Dynamic Airflow Technology) allowing for greater airflow at the core of the frame while playing your shots and reducing overall resistance in your swing. This racket also boasts the Eleven 13 holes arrangement that improves the durability and power capacity of the racket. This consist of smaller holes than usual located in the central part of the head. In this way, the central part of the head gains consistency and rigidity. This is further improved with an embossed textured surface finish that Adidas call there spin blade technology, giving you extra grip on the surface and the ability to spin the ball with speed.

Lastly, we have the extra power grip design on these rackets, which is a longer grip handle and larger grip surface. This means it will be well suited to a double backhand shot when needed and also helps shift the balance and sweet spot higher up in the racket face. Included is also a handle racket sleeve with draw strings meaning your racket will always be well protected off the court.

So if you are looking to make a statement on and off the court and you fancy being one of the lucky few to call this limited edition Adidas Cross IT Pro Padel Racket your own, we say why not spend the limited number of Padel games you have to play in your life time this way.


⚡ Player Level: Advanced
⚡ Eva Soft Energy Core
⚡ Dynamic Airflow
⚡ Carbon Aluminised 24k Surface
⚡ Spin Blade Mold

Technical Specifications

📋 Shape: Round
📋 Weight: 345-360 gr
📋 Balance: Medium
📋 Power 9/10
📋 Control 10/10

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