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Adidas Adipower Multiweight Padel Racket

Adidas Adipower Multiweight Padel Racket

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Short Description

The Adipower Multiweight by Adidas is a revolutionary Padel Racket that offers the ultimate in customization and performance. Designed for professional level players who prefer an attacking style of play, this racket features cutting-edge technologies that allow you to adapt and fine-tune your game to suit your needs.

One of the standout features of the Adipower Multiweight is the exclusive Weight And Balance System technology. This system utilizes screws of different weights on the head of the racket, allowing you to modify its balance to your preference. By adding or removing weights, you can shift the balance towards the top for more attacking power or towards the bottom for enhanced control, giving you complete control over your racket's performance.

The Dual Exoskeleton technology is another innovation that sets the Adipower Multiweight apart. It features a structure of double-height carbon ribs that reinforce the racket's core and frame, increasing rigidity and torsional resistance. This results in a consistent feel on all hits and greater power in attacks, allowing you to dominate the game with confidence.

The Spin Blade system is yet another feature that enhances the performance of the Adipower Multiweight. This rough insert fits into the mold of the racket, providing a better grip on the ball and helping you generate more spin on your shots, adding greater effect to your game.

The Adipower Multiweight is constructed with an 18K Carbon surface and high-density Eva High Memory rubber, offering exceptional power on all your hits. The Smart Holes Curve and Structural Reinforcement technologies further enhance the performance of this racket, ensuring it can withstand the demands of competitive play.

Designed for attacking players, the Adipower Multiweight has a game type of Attack and a Pro level. Its Diamond Oversize format provides a larger sweet spot for increased power and accuracy. The racket has a top balance of 285mm and weighs between 345-360 grams, with the option to adjust the weight by up to 12 grams using the Weight And Balance System.

The Adipower Multiweight is part of the Adipower collection and comes with additional accessories, including a racket bag, wristband, overgrips, and more. It is also available in a pack with a Padel-Tennis-Pack, offering a comprehensive solution for serious padel players.

Experience the pinnacle of innovation and customization with the Adipower Multiweight by Adidas. Dominate the court with a racket that is tailored to your game and stay ahead of the competition with its cutting-edge technologies and superior performance.



⚡ Player Level: Advanced
⚡ High Memory EVA Core
⚡ 18K Carbon Face
⚡ Dual Exoskeleton Technology
⚡ Weight & Balance System

Technical Specifications

✅ Head Size: Oversize
✅ Shape: Diamond
✅ Weight: 360g-375g
✅ Balance: High

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Customer Reviews

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Lindt de la Port
Adidas Adipower Multiweight Padel Racket

Beautiful racket! Lots of power but lacks some maneuverability. A bit soft for my style of play, I prefer a harder racket.