Collection: Royal Padel

Established in 1991 Royal Padel Sportsystems are one of the oldest and most prestigious of all the Padel Brands manufacturing Padel Rackets today. When they launched their first collection of Padel Rackets, it was with a range of only 3 rackets, made out of wood and at a time when there were only two brands to choose from. The very next year they began producing rackets with rubber and other compounds and began adding many features similar to what we see today.

When we fast forward to today we see a brand using advanced materials such as Carbon Fiber, Various forms of Glass Fiber and other materials such as titanium dioxide. Using these materials they have packed there rackets full of features that only they provide such as their Shock Absorption System in all there rackets making theirs one of the lowest venerating and most comfortable to play with. 

These are just a few of the reasons Royal Padel are known to be amoung the best Padel Racket Manufacturers world wide by the most demanding of players.